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Biography – Granville Corker

Born the son of a Miner and the youngest of a family of seven comprising of two Sisters and two Brothers and of course myself and mum & dad.

My first experience with death was at the age of eight when my brother Dennis was crushed and killed in a mining accident. A few years later on at least four occasions over a period of three weeks I saw an outline of a person & heard unexplained noises in my bedroom usually at night time. I knew instinctively this was my brother Dennis. Quite a few years went by, and sadly during this time my father & other Brother had passed away.

In 1978 I married. During the time I was married I took up photography & also martial arts for which I did for about 6 or 7 years.

In 2003 my sister Pauline passed away, I had a strange experience the same day Pauline died, Pauline had been in hospital for quite a few weeks and had been moved to a hospital in Rochdale.

The day Pauline passed away myself and my family including my mother were on holiday in North Wales at my other sister’s house, when we got a phone call saying that my sister was close to death, so we set off to Rochdale as quick as we could. Sadly when we got there she had already died, after we arrived back every one was upset; I went back to our bedroom and I lay down on the bed and cried. The bed had a really hard mattress on it so if I sat on the bed the mattress would hardly go down.

I was laid on the bed for about 15 to 20 minutes when all of a sudden I felt coldness go through me and the mattress sunk down beneath me, I suddenly sat up and looked down at the bed and it was sunk in as if someone very heavy was sat there.

During this time in my life I started to go to the local spiritualist church in Barnsley, after a year and a half of going to the Spiritualist Church, I joined an awareness group; from there, I went on to work in a development group for three years to develop my mediumship; In 2005 when my mum was really ill my sister Phyllis and I looked after her.

The day before my mum died which was on a Saturday,” my sister said to me why don’t you go to the open circle at the spiritualist church because you haven’t been for a while” so I agreed to go, while I was there I spoke to someone who I knew in the development group she said “I am going to see a medium who does table tipping tomorrow (Sunday) at 6.00pm do you want to go with me to share the cost” so I said ok.

In the early hours of Sunday morning at 3.45am my mum died but I still decided to go and see the medium because with it being Sunday there wasn’t much I could do.

When we arrived at the mediums house we went in and sat around the table then the medium opened up in prayer and asked I there was any spirits wanting to come through and talk to anyone, then the table started tilting through the alphabet and then It stopped on the letter D then It started to spell the rest of the word out by stopping on the letters It spelt out the name Dennis which is my brother who had died when I was eight years old.

The medium then asked how he had died and by tipping the table through the alphabet the table spelt out accident, then she ask what type of accident; he spelt out Pit; then he was asked how old he was when he passed over and how long he had been in the spirit world then after spelling all the answers out on the table correctly; the medium not knowing that my mother had passed away that very morning, and don’t forget that she didn’t know that I was going to see her because it was booked in my friends name, she then said to Dennis do you want to send your love to your mother; nothing happened so she repeated the question do you want to send your love to your mother again nothing happened; she was just about to ask if my mother was in the spirit world, when she was stopped in her tracks when a strong sudden breeze shot past us all. The medium then said your mother has just come through to the table, the medium asked my mother to spell out her name and she spelt out Eleanor and that was her name. After that my mum gave me a personal message and then the medium asked who was in the room when she had died and my mother spelt out every name of each person in the room including the nurses; There was no way that the strong sudden breeze could have got in the room because all the windows and doors where shut.

In 2009, I was asked to work with Tony Stockwell – a top, well-known British medium – in a six part TV series entitled Psychic Academy.

In 2013 I worked with another highly renowned medium called Ian Lawman at Bolling Hall in Bradford.  Ian is best known for his TV series, such as Living with the Dead and Most Haunted Australia.

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Disclaimer: Please note that results are not guaranteed and that all readings & public demonstrations are for entertainment purposes only and that you should not act on something given to you in a reading or in a public demonstration and always act on your own free will.


Disclaimer: Please note that results are not guaranteed and that all readings & public demonstrations are for entertainment purposes only and that you should not act on something given to you in a reading or in a public demonstration and always act on your own free will.

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“Granville was spot on, and he actually told me something personal to me that no one would know and I had forgotten about. I would definitely have another reading.”

Beverly C

“Granville performed a 6 card tarot reading for me. To say I wasn’t a little skeptical would be lying, however, to have 4 of the 6 cards read and completely resonate with 2 life events currently happening (which Granville was completely unaware of) really hit home and opened my eyes. I left the reading feeling a little overwhelmed with emotion and a nice warm feeling inside.”

Matt W

“Granville’s reading was very accurate and was an insight into Tarot reading that I was sceptical about but I am now willing to have done again.”

Lisa H

Charity Work

One Saturday Morning in 2014, I was in Barnsley town centre when I saw a homeless man having trouble walking. The man stopped at a telephone kiosk near where I was stood. As I watched, the man dropped some small change on the floor. As he was struggling to hold his money to make a phone call, I moved forward to pick it up for him. As I did that, I noticed that his hands was swollen & strapped up. As I gave him his money back I asked what was wrong with his hands he said that they were like that with being homeless. As we talked he told me how he was made homeless.

Before I left him, I offered him some money which he was reluctant to take off me but eventually after some persuasion he took it. Since then I see him every Saturday in Barnsley. I take him for a coffee and give him a bit of money.

After talking to this man I felt that I need to do more to help homeless people by trying to raise more money.

So what I have decided to do is to donate part of my earnings as a medium to help the homeless people in Barnsley by means of working with other homeless organizations around Barnsley or to try and raise enough money for a building so they have some shelter for the night.

Before I finish I ask for whoever is reading this that the next time they see a homeless person in the streets is to have a bit of compassion and not treat them like something off the bottom of your shoe. I am sure that they don’t choose to be in that situation where they are having to sleep in bins and doorways. It could happen to any one of us.